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"Went and saw the premier of a wonderful movie/documentary about reaching goals, love, teamwork, and hard work, A beautiful team of girls with special challenges cheer their way to the Special Olympics and continue to cheer on others. Great job Nancy you should be very proud. Cheers of JOY gets 5 cheers from me."

~Kim O'Shaughnessy Franz

"Premiere for Cheers of Joy! An uplifting, tear jerking movie about the inspirational team and their road to the Special Olympics. Feeling inspired by these young ladies."

~Cheryl Lee-Pow

"I am a bit speechless. What a beautiful film you've created! The story, the girls, the accessibility…The film truly carries you along on this special journey filled with powerful messages and joyous moments. Through the tears, you can't help but smile at these incredible girls and all of their achievements. This is an important film, as it documents these wonderful cheerleaders and their history-making journey to the World Games."

~Jennifer Katz

"Congratulations to the talented Nancy Frohman and team on such an inspiring, humbling, eye-opening, and wonderfully done documentary.... I absolutely loved it!!!"

~Courtney Lavalleye

"3 cheers for Cheers of JOY!"
"Just finished watching your film and absolutely loved it!!! ...The story was extremely well told and very moving. I laughed, I cried, and I wanted to hug each and every one of the cheerleaders. You did a magnificent job and should be very proud."
Gail Klein

"Just finished watching the film. What an amazing journey! This was so inspiring of what we ALL can become in this world and how we should look beyond the surface of a human being and into their souls. "

~Gloria Ramirez

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